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2019 Freelancer and Virtual Assistance by Irevel Catilo

Irevel Catilo

Virtual assistant


Irevel is a freelancer with experience in data entry, transcription, social media management, and content writing. Her background in brand strategy. Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action in the freelancing world.

Irevel believes that being responsible in everything that you do is the key to success with the guidance of Lord God above. Her scared duty is to worship God. She lives according to the will of God. She is a good mother and provider. She is kind and cautions. 

She constantly learning web technologies and other design related topics. She never stops learning. She believes in saying that try and try until you have done. 

She is a mother of two names Wynna and Wayne. A family oriented person that creates happy memories with her family. She is a disciplinarian when it comes to the responsibility of her children. She believes that you must train your children at an early age so that in the near future your children will never get lost in this journey. Responsibility demands sacrifices. To have the courage and be kind. 



How I Can

Help You


How I Can

Help You

I can create a customized social media strategy built on tracking engagement and analyzing data to find and maintain your target audience. If you’re just getting started building your business’ social media presence, I can set up and customize all of your bios, profiles, social media pages and create engaging regular content, including personality-infused copywritten posts and beautifully created branded graphics. I can create the campaign, design some photos, then schedule, monitor, and report on it, all you have to do is approve the content.

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